Mycle Wastman

Most people can carry a tune. Some folks can sing pretty well, and there are the lucky few that manage to make a living singing. But on a rare occasion a singer comes along that makes you rethink what the human voice is capable of. A singer’s singer.

Meet Mycle Wastman. Interpreting from all of the greats that have gone before him while still firmly exerting a style of his own, it is undeniable that Wastman is on par with the vocal legends of our time. The Beautiful Stay is a lush feast for the ears featuring vintage keyboard and vocal performances dripping with old soul vibe. Timeless vocals, R&B sensibilities, and classic songwriting are skillfully combined to produce a debut album that is a breath of fresh air in a time of increasingly processed factory stamped music.

It features 12 original songs written by Wastman with the help of Ryan Smith and Jonathan Kingham that glide from the funky and irresistible opening smash single “Found Wantin'” to the poignant and moving title track “The beautiful stay”. The swinging “As long as I’m with you” brings to mind hints of early d’Angelo and the hauntingly lonely vocal performance and creeping B3 organ on “Never Love Again” could easily pass for a long lost muscle shoals recording session. Mycle Wastman understands where he has come from and with the release of his debut “The Beautiful Stay” it is obvious he knows where he is heading.

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