Heart by Heart

Steve Fossen is one of the founding members and the original bass player for Heart. His work on the albums, “Dreamboat Annie”, “Little Queen”, “Magazine”, “Dog & Butterfly”, and Bebe la Strange” as well as several greatest hits and compilations has been a staple of radio since their releases, selling 10’s of millions of albums and CD’s. Somar Macek, renowned Northwest vocalist, has gained a reputation for delivering powerful, moving renditions of every song she sings. Somar has sung at all stages of her life and has a passion for excellence. Steve and Somar joined forces in 2009 to become what they call “Heart by Heart”, captivating audiences whenever they perform. Together, they have created their own vocal and electric bass versions of the classic Heart hits and will bring their unique talents to the 2011 Synergia Northwest concert accompanied by the Synergia orchestra. In addition, Somar and Steve are working on a musical project featuring other original Heart members, guitarist Howard Leese, drummer Mike Derosier, and LA songwriter/ singer Lisa Nemzo.

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